Top 10 Ways to Promote Without Social Media

If you run a business, you’ll constantly be told to “Get online.” People will suggest you start a Facebook page or create a Twitter profile, but often what happens is many business owners get discouraged by this process. They don’t quite understand how to utilize social networking to grow their business and they feel like they’re continually struggling to get eyeballs on their content. Don’t worry, there’s good news! There are quite a few ways you can promote yourself offline without having a large presence on social media. See our list below of the top 10 ways to spread your brand, network, and grow your business.

1. Attend a conference or event with like-minded people and companies. Work on meeting people who would be willing to collaborate and/or hand off clients or customers.

2. Do research to determine some places where your target demographic spends their free time. Get some stunning flyers or posters designed and post them in those areas. For example, if you own a storefront, go to parks, coffee shops, etc. in neighborhoods around your shop. Spend some time observing how people interact with the environment, noting the highest traffic areas. Make sure you’re allowed to post your marketing materials in these areas first before putting them up.

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3. Hand out business cards to everyone you come in contact with. Seriously. Keep them on you at all times and don’t be shy. You never know if your barber, babysitter, or grocer will need your product or services. Get creative and come up with a unique card that separates yours from all the other generic cards out there. Pro tip, don’t use a stock template from Vistaprint. Need help? Don’t worry, we can take care of putting together some killer designs 😉

4. Start a loyalty or rewards program. Offer your clients or customers something special for continually coming back to you for business.

5. Get some freebies made to give out to your current and prospective customers. This can be anything from stickers, koozies, pens, custom USB thumbdrives, t-shirts, etc. The more creative and innovative you can be with these items, the more your brand will stand out and create a lasting impact.

6. Create a referral program for your best clients or customers. Offer incentives to get them to continue to spread your brand to all their friends, co-workers, and family members.

7. Reach out to family members or friends you haven’t connected with in a long time. Let them know what your business does and that you’re on the look out for new opportunities and customers. You never know if that random Aunt or Uncle you haven’t spoken to in years knows someone who needs your help.

8. Start a meetup based around your niche or industry. is a great tool for this, but Facebook groups or GroupMe are nice free alternatives for coordinating with members as well.

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9. Create a free resource for others in your industry to benefit from and share, which will help spread your business throughout your niche and establish you as an expert in your field. This can take some time to develop, but can really turn into some great viral traction if done right.

10. Revamp your current marketing collateral in your business. Fresh, new, engaging, and eye-catching posters, banners, flyers, & product displays can be a great way to revitalize your brand and bring back old customers.

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