Content Marketing. Not just a buzzword!

Content marketing is an internet marketing technique of creating and distributing valuable, relevant and consistent content to attract and acquire a clearly defined audience with the objective of driving profitable customer action.

In layman’s terms, this means you should create relevant content consistently for the consumers you are trying to attract. To effectively market content, first you need relevant and valuable content. Before you even start creating content, you have to know your market. Without knowing who you are trying to entice to buy your products, it’s unlikely that you will sell anything.

Why is this necessary in the digital age?
With the ease of access to thousands of similar brands at the click of a mouse, your brand needs to be enticing. Content marketing will help keep your brand and products relevant with your target audience. Additionally, with the increased focus Google has placed on new and original content for small business SEO efforts, it’s vital to continually be creating new, unique items that your customers can view daily or weekly on your site.

Here are 5 steps towards effective content marketing:

Step 1. Research your market
Step 2. Create a plan for content relevant to your market demographic(s)
Step 3. Implement your plan, and create a schedule for when your content will release
Step 4. Keep a log of your content interaction, and make necessary adjustments to your plan
Step 5. Use your research and adjustments to create more effective plans

Take note of the times of day your target audience are online so you can schedule posts accordingly, so they are more likely to be engaged with.

Two of the most important things in content marketing are consistency and relevance to your audience. Without consistent new content, you may lose your audience due to not having enough for them to engage with, and without relevant material you’ll lose their interest in your brand.

If you stick with these steps, you will be on your way to better understanding your target audience, and will be able to make the necessary improvements to your brand to grow!

What is some content that I can use?
Blogs, infographics, videos, books, podcasts, social media marketing posts, discussion forums, and any other way for your audience to interact with your brand, or a specific product.

Your content may be items that people can purchase, but it also may be free information and media.

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